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Primary use Secondary use Recording knowledge level MIDI knowledge level
Practice/Rehearsal Jamming/Fun Just learning None
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone Less than 5

Future plans/projects

To make demos, and I'm using my studio to vastly improve my practicing, rehearsals; and it's allowing me to learn the recording, music compositions, and many different sounds and ways to change/improve on them.


Lag (pronounced log) a French 6 string electric.


Just Evolution midi keyboard.

Sound modules

Through my computer speakers


Zoom MRS-1044 In-unit 255 drum/bass patterns, with the ability to use touch-pads to create my own patterns. And Cubase


In-unit Zoom 220 (100 guitar/bass +50 line +50 mastering) modelling effects, with ability to edit many parameters of each effect patch. Plus virtual effects. Also Digitech 400 processor that has many amp simulations, and I can record on my computer with it with the USB connection. Lots of different effects, that can be edited up the yin-yang! Lots of fun to play and stomp the floor pedal!




In-unit track mixer, with many parameters to use/change. Virtual studio

Tape decks

In-unit, saved to hard drive; also digital out to record in real time to either my Sony digital stereo or Sony digital dual well CD burner, in real time.

Hard disk recorders

In-unit. Zoom MRS-1044 multi-track recording studio. 3.5 inch 1000 project capacity 24 bit 44.1 kHz sampling Phantom power-48 V (w/on and off switch) digital out MIDI in/out. guitar/bass in Unbalanced/Balance in.


Can use no speakers--just the headphones; or run to stereo, w/w-o phones; to cd burner, w/w-o phones. Computer JBL speakers, w/w-o ATH-M30 Audio Technica phones


Compaq Presario 4; CD-ROM/RW; DVD drive; 512 RAM, 120 GB

Music software

Cubase SE (full cheaper version, which is down to $99. on Musicians Friend, and probably American Musical Supply)Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro. Also, a Line6 Guitar Port, which I plug my guitar into the Port, plug the Port into the computer by way of an USB cable. I can jam and/or record with different amps and cabs and effects, interchangable; but with my computer's recording software. Plus I can use the Port to hook my guitar up, via "Line in", with other virtual music studios and software.

Additional equipment

Crate amp.


I got the Zoom MRS-1044 a coupla months ago, and the recording/mixing/demoing aspect of it looks great! My biggest joy is the 255 rhythm bass/drum patterns to practice with, and put in leads/fills to, which can be used separately from the recorder, which is my main use for now. There's a bunch of effects, and like the patterns, can be edited. The unit has move/paste/redo--10 tracks with 10 virtual tracks; bounce; full mixer. I don't know anything about high-end recorders, but this unit is awesome to me! Now I'm heavily into computer jamming and recording, and just can't get enough of virtual instruments and studios and software!