Home Studio Registry: Prentice Tyndall

Future plans/projects

Several upcoming live recordings scheduled for 2006. YES! We do live recordings on-site!!!


Musicians bring their own guitars.


Roland FP-8 Digital Piano, Kurzweil K2000 keyboard, Kurzweil K2500R Sampling Synthesizer.

Sound modules

Kurzweil K2500R Sampling Synth, Roland SC-55, Sweetwater Kurzweil Sample Library.


Drum Sample Libraries for Kurzweil K2500R.


Lexicon PCM90, Lexicon MPX100, UAD Card, Peavey Ultraverb II.


Audio Technica AT-4060, Audio Technica AT-4047, Audio Technica AT-4033, Audio Technica AE5100 (stereo pair), Shure KSM-44, Marshall V67M, Shure SM57 (3), Audio Technica AT-4041, Shure SM-81.


ProTools 6.9, Panasonic Ramsa DA7 mkII Digital Console, Tascam M-520 Analog Console.

Tape decks

Alesis ADAT LX20, Alesis ADAT Blackface Recorder, Tascam DA-30mkII DAT Recorder, Sony MiniDisc Recorder, DENON 3-Head Cassette Deck.

Hard disk recorders

Mackie MDR24/96 24 track Recorder, Fostex D-160 16 track Recorder.


Mackie HR-824 Studio Monitors, Alesis Monitor One, Bose 301, Alesis RA100, Peavey CS-800.


Pentium 4, 2.66MHz, 800MHz FSB, Intel motherboard and components, Serial Hard drives, DIGI 002R, M-Audio sound cards (both PCI and USB).

Music software

Pro Tools 6.9, Sound Forge 7.0a, UAD Ultra Pak plug-ins, Waves plug-ins, Antares Auto-tune plug-in, Sonic Foundry CD Architect 5.0, Sonic Foundry Batch Converter, Sonic Foundry Vegas Video LE, Panasonic/Ramsa MAX Automation software for DA7 console, Cakewalk Express 8.0, CanvasMan Editor.

Additional equipment

Teletronix LA-2A, A Designs MP-1 preamp, MAudio Octane preamp, Furman Headphone cue system, and RNC compressors (2).

Additional notes

Located in Eastern North Carolina, we specialize in Southern Gospel, Country, Bluegrass, and Contemporary Christian music. Over 1000 sq.ft. recording space and great equipment. Visit our website for complete information!

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100