Home Studio Registry: Paul David Shea

Future plans/projects

Continue building hard disc based studio for recording and scoring for film and commercial music production as well as pre and post production recording for demos


Supplied by client


Roland xp-80 and ensoniq eps workstation and sampler axcess to many others

Sound modules

Roland sound canvas and onboard expantion cards for rolad and ensoniq boards. Many software based as well.


Many kits on expansion boards and acustic tama grandstar series drums


Digitech s-100 alesis reverb and many effects plug-ins


Shure sm 58's, event rode n-1


Mackie D8B

Tape decks

Sony trw545 and tascam dat, glyph 4x8 cd burner

Hard disk recorders

Pc based but in the process of buying Mackie HDR24


Event 20/20p's 100 watts continuous per side and sony mdr-cd570 digital refernce headphones


1000mhz pentium III, 2 40gig ATA100 Harddrives. 512megRAM, velocity 128 32 meg vga card,Samsung 48x16x48 Burner

Music software

Sonar 1.31, sonic foundry sound forge 5.0, sf noise reduction and click remove, sf acid loop based and many many plug ins. sf cd architect

Additional equipment

Motu midi express 8x8 interface, event electronics gina and layla sound cards a.r.t.s tube mp pre amp's

Additional notes

Love to create music and work with people. Very open minded about music and I love to work on all projects. I have the right equipment for just about any project

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 41-60