Home Studio Registry: Oliver A Warren III

Future plans/projects

To promote my buissness ideas, talents, artists and self through the use of my knolage and drive. Thus further more obtain any other knolage I may need to operate at a level in which I can over see all operations in any studio and or buisness situation presented comfortably.


Acustic/electric/midi models All made by various brands


Triton workstations-wide range of models and capabilitys Yamaha motifs Alesis Radium 49 key Oxygen 8

Sound modules

Triton rack,motif rack, Motu and Emu models ect. Along with numerous control surfaces and or interfaces


Live sound sets include dw sets, Tama, pearl, mapex, and custom sets Drum Machines- Alesis SR16, mpc units, korg along with roland peices


Various out board equiptment-mic tubes-Eqs-Compressors-Lfo's-Gates and modulaters made by Focusrite,dbx,Mind Print,ect Internal processors/plugins by Wavs-VST-steinberg-digi design-Emagic


Neuman, Blue, Sennheiser AKG- Audio-technica Shure Samson


Digital Mackie 8 bus, Behringher out board analog console digidesign 002's Along with sub station controllers

Tape decks

Vintage style decks Yamaha technics and Tascam

Hard disk recorders

Pc and Mac cubase protools cakewalk digital preformer Sound cards include Motu M-Audio Edirol tascam utilizing connections through firewire usb and through internal cards


Active moniters inculde mackie hr824's alesis m1 active mk2's M-audio stereophiles surrounds, Adcom GFA 555 and 30 sets of Sony mdr v150 studio monitor head phones.


Dual A and or b Dell Set up multi task operations ready 4500 maxed 8500 maxed. each have pentium 4 processors 120G internal Hard drives each. Each or the units have 1G of ram or v.memory. we have designed it so the 2 work as 1 or independent with the flip of a couple swithes. Both units share the external "brain" capable of holding well over 1000 gigabytes of information.

Music software

Cubase vst 5.0 32 and SX, Reason 2.0 Maxed out wav lab 4.0, Calkwalk Acid pro 4.0 numerous Plugins

Additional equipment

Phillips out board burners Video interfaces wireless accsessory-mics, mouses key boards head phones remotes

Additional notes

I can be reached By Phone at (631) 395-2399 at any time for more information

Primary use Secondary use
Other Other
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other More than 100