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Future plans/projects

Making and recording music


Fender American Deluxe Anniversary w/ vintage-noiseless pickups Gibson Les Paul Standard Studio (1986 - Original) Guild 12-String Acoustic (1976) Kramer Vanguard Electric Bass (1980) Mark Taxi (1978 - Custom electric made for .38 Special) Tacoma Cutaway Acoustic (1997) Taylor 312 ce Taylor 410 Acoustic (1982) Taylor 710BCE (1997 - Brazilian solid spruce top w/ blender system)


Rhodes MK60 Weighted Action Electic Piano (MIDI compatible) MIDI Man with USB Interface Hammond M111 w/Leslie JB Cooper Nexus 3x8 Midi Switcher

Sound modules

Proteus Orchestral


Vintage Ludwig Drum Kit Oversized, custom-tuned, recording-ready kit with vintage Zildjian cymbals Three sizes of snares Choice of 5 toms Wide choice of Zildjian cymbals Zildjian or Paiste high hat New Pearl high hat stand Roland R-5 Human Rythm Composer KAT KDT-1 Drum Triggers Various hand-held percussion instruments


2-Channel Tube Direct Injection (Handmade by Kevin Silva) 4-Channel Vintage Crown (Customized by Kevin Silva) 4-Channel Vintage Shure Transistor Mic Amps Behringer Helicon Antares ATR-1 Auto Tune Intonation Processor Behringer Ultradyne Pro DSP 9024 Digital Dynamics Processor dbx DDP Digital Dynamics Processor Digitech Studio Quad Multieffects (4-Channel) TC Electronics DEP Effects Processor dbx 266 Compressor Gate (2-Channel) Audio Centron Eclipse GE231 Dual EQ DOD 430 Series EQ Aphex Aural Exciter Type C (2-Channel) Aphex Exciter Model 104 (2-Channel) Aphex 109 Tube Equalizer (2-Channel) Aphex Easyrider -12 channels compression Presonus ACP88 ��� 8 channels gate, compressor, limiter Behringer Magician - 8 channel tube interface Behringer Tube Compression Behringer Tube Expander


AKG D-112-1 Apex 430-1 Audio Technica 500XL-4 Behringer B-2-1 Electro-Voice 308A-1 Nady TCM 1050 TUBE-1 Neumann TLM 103-1 Oktava MK012-01-1 MK319-1 MK52-02 Ribbon-1 Rhode NT1-4 NTK TUBE-1 Sennheiser MD421-3 MD441-1 Shure Beta Green 4.1-1 SM55SH-1 SM57-2 SM58-2


2 - EuroDesk MX8000 (48x8 w/ 96 inputs) - Tracking 1 - Alesis Studio 12R - Sub Mix 1 - Tascam (16x4) - Sub Mix Event E-Z Bus Digital Control Interface

Tape decks

Tascam MRS 16 with Dbx Fostex D-5 DAT Recorder W/ lightpipe Tascam DA-20 Alesis Adat Echo Layla System Tascam 122 mk III cassette mastering deck Hewlett-Packard DVD/CD Burners INSC CD Duplication System

Hard disk recorders

Alesis HD 24 Hard Disc recorder - 24 track- 24bit 96khz Motu 24 IO 24bit 96Khz Interface Motu PCI -424 EZ-8 24bit 96Khz lightpipe IO


Monitors Alesis JBL Yamaha Tascam Klipsch Peavey Sony Behringer Headphones [Back to top of page] AKG K-240 Monitor Headphones Fostex C-5 Live Headphones Sennheiser HD 470 Headphones Headphone Amps [Back to top of page] Furman HDR6 - 4 channel personel mix w/ 5 stations Q-Mix HM-6 Distribution Four separate mixes customized by Ted Benson Rane HC-6 Rolls RA62


Four Pentium PC's with Direcway Satellite access

Music software

Adobe Audition1.5 Cubase VST Sony DVD Architect Sony Vegas 5.0 Complete Plug-In Library WAVES Gold Platinum Renaissance Maxx Bass ANTARES Mic Modeler Autotune BBE SONIC MAXIMIZER DBX AMPLITUDE BLUE Full line TC ELECTRONICS Native Ness TIMEWORKS Mastering VST Voice Machine Phat Bomb STEINBERG Declicker Noise Reduction Full line of audio restoration plugins Large loop and sound effects library

Additional equipment

Blue Tube Works guitar tube pre-amp Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1-12 with mods by Uncle Alberts Haefler Tube Pre-amp Two 2112 Studio Guitar Tube Processors Control One Foot Controller Custom Tube Bass DI Horizon Active DI for acoustic guitars Fishman Transducers Vintage Harmony Amp for harmonicas w/ customized green bullet mic

Additional notes

The goals of this project studio have never changed. That is to provide good, clean, easy to listen to recordings at reasonable rates. Lightning Struck Studios provides a relaxed atmosphere with an engineer that cares about the needs, wants, and budget of its' clients.

Lightning Struck Studios

2384 E. Co Rd. 800 S.

Clayton, IN 46118

(317) 539-7476

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Above average None
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100