Home Studio Registry: Mick Neil

Future plans/projects

Continue solo works, and outside projects as they present themselves.


1 Ibanez 7 w/EMG 707's (10's), 1 Charvel Model 5 w/ EMG 85, 60(11's)1 Fender Stratocaster w/EMG SA's, and expander, and fat control eq's (David Gilmore model)(11's)



Sound modules

Boss DR 5.


Boss DR 5.


1 Lexicon MPX 1, 2 Lexicon MPX 500's, 1 Alessis Quadraverb.


2 Cad E 100's, 2 AKG C1000 S's, 4 Oktava MC 012's each w/ 3 capsules, 1 Shure SM 81, 2 Shure Beta 52's, 8 Shure SM 57's.


Mackie 24 8 bus.

Tape decks

1 Alessis Masterlink. 1 Tascam RW 5000.

Hard disk recorders

1 Fostex 1624 16 track, 24 bit recorder. 1 Fostex D 90, 18 bit, 8 track recorder. Both w/ balanced in's/ out's, and cut, copy, move, paste editing functions. MIDI sync, and slave.


Mackie HR 824's.



Music software


Additional equipment

1 ART Pro MPA tube mic pre, 1 ART MDC 2000 dynamics processor, 4 DBX DDP 24 bit compressors w/type 4 conversion. 1 Behringer Multicom Pro compressor. 1 Mesa Boogie Triaxsis pre amp, 1 Mesa Boogie Simul 2:90 power amp, 1 Peavey Rock Master pre amp, 1 Randall 4x12 slant cab w/celestion 12m70's, 1 Carvin 4x12 slant cab w/ celestion 12m70's.

Additional notes

For hire. Fantastic sound quality, Very talented production, and mixing skills. Specializing in all rock guitar types. Westside of Detroit, between Detroit, and Ann Arbor. All questions, and inquirys answered. Please e-mail.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 21-40