Home Studio Registry: Michael Muilenburg

Future plans/projects

Work with local singer/songwriters, Christian contemporary and/ or praise and worship writers on low budget demo recordings.


Tom Anderson Hollow T Contour, Guild JF55, Fender Strat Plus, Fender Am. Std. Telecaster, Gibson ES335, Parker NiteFly, Ovation '85 Ltd, ToneSmith bass, Gibson Skylark lap steel, Kentucky mandolin, Celtic Star bouzouki.


Roland P200 MK II, Novation, Korg Micro-Key - midi controllers

Sound modules

Korg 05/RW


Roland R70 (Human Rhythm Composer), Reason Drums


Studio Effects: Alesis Midiverb IV, Alesis Nanoverb, dbx 376 tube pre-amp/comp/EQ, dbx 266a Compressor/Limiter. Guitar Effects: Digitech RP10, Boss CS2 and CS3 (Comp/Sus), Mister Crybaby Vol/Wah, Vox Dist/Booster, Vox Valve Tone, Ibanez TS9 Turbo, Boss DD5 (digital) and DM-2 (analog)Delay, T.C. Electronics Chorus/Flanger, Danelectro Hot Tuna Tremelo, Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus, Roland FV50 Volume. Acoustic: Raven Labs Master Pro Blender, ProCo DB1 direct Box, BBE Sonic Maximizer Direct Box.


Shure KSM-44, Octava matched pair condensers, MXL V67, Audix OM5, Sennheiser MD750, Shure SM57, Audio Technica (condenser), Audio Technica AG-95 (guitar sound hole mic)


Mackie 1202vlz

Tape decks

Denon mix/dub deck

Hard disk recorders

Roland VS-890, Boss Micro BR


Stewart World 600 amp, Alesis Point Seven monitors, Sony/Sennheiser/Shure phones


Dell P4-3gig, 80GB internal, 500Gb second drive, 2 gig RAM.

Music software

ProTools 7.4 M-powered, Reason 4.0. M-Audio Ultra Gain 4 channel preamp.

Additional equipment

Fender Blues Deluxe (40W tube amp), Fender Blues Junior (15W tube amp), Roland JC120 amp, Centaur Acoustic PA amp, Line 6 Pod X3

Additional notes

Teach beginner/intermediate guitar lessons and play with Contemporary Christian P&W band.

Also build customized stompbox road cases and pedalboards.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100