Home Studio Registry: Michael Kozeluh

Future plans/projects

Becoming a better musician


Fender Telecaster, Ibanez Performer 200 (not the accoustic but the Les Paul copy from '78), Squier Telecaster Custom P90, Squier Standard Stratocaster, Ibanez Artcore AFS75T, Gretsch Synchromatic Bo Diddley, Hohner Arbor Precision bass copy, Harley Benton HBB400FTL fretless bass, Nashville accoustic, Fender mandolin


I got a M-Audio midi keyboard but never use it...


Boss DR-670, internal drumcomputer of Boss 1180CD digital homestudio


Pod II, Boss 1180 internal processor, Digitech RP50, Behringer Bass Pedal


AKG (cheap) Electro Voice


Boss 1180cd Digital Homerecording Studio

Tape decks

See above

Hard disk recorders

Boss 1180cd Digital Homerecording Studio


Behringer Monitors


Intel Celeron

Music software

Magix Music Studio, Magix Music Maker (hardly used), Line6 Guitar Port (used for practice only)

Additional equipment

Ibanez valbee tube amp, Behringer bass amp

Additional notes

My studio is a cupboard in my bedroom. or: my bedroom is a studio :-)

Primary use Secondary use
Jamming and Fun Jamming and Fun
Recording level MIDI level
Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 41-60