Home Studio Registry: Matt Dawson

Future plans/projects

Have recorded in other studios. Just trying to get a really good sound out of mine. Trying to get enough material I'm completely happy with to make a CD worth passing around.


12-string Alvarez. 6-string Alvarez. 6-string Yamaha electric: Zion, Fender Strat, Gibson SG


Very rarely


Basic 5-piece drum set with a few symbols and percussion


S-100, Alesis nanocompressor, ART Tube MP


58's and 57's


ART 1600 (a nightmare)

Tape decks

Fostex R-8 reel-to-reel, DA-5 DAT recorder, Sony tapedeck Panasonic CD burner


100-watt reciever, pair of 100 watt Klepsh speakers and a couple little ones hangin on the wall...asortment of headphones and a headphone distributer amp.

Additional equipment

Tons of cables.

Additional notes

I'm smack in the middle of Ohio desperately searching for experienced home recorders who could help me improve my sound quality. It's OK, but things I'm having trouble with is total volume to tape, although I have progressed tremendously. Would like to create an EXTREMELY affordable studio for bands needing solid demos.. like i needed years ago but could never find.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Jamming and Fun
Recording level MIDI level
Average None
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 61-100