Home Studio Registry: Les Kutsera

Future plans/projects

I have updated my software to include most of the current platforms which include : cubase SX,cubase Vst 32, Logic audio platinum, sonar, proaudio 9, Nuendo 2.0, Halion,wavelab 4.0, acid pro 3. I can offer my clients a wide range of platforms to work with, which also makes my home studio compatible with many other studios. I also upgraded my Ram to 512 ,this allows for many more plugins to be available on projects. Nuendo is my main platform and it is solid as a rock I love working with it.


Squire Fender strat, Epiphone dobro, Yamaha BB200 bass,Taylor


Roland Pc-70 midi keyboard controller

Sound modules

Yamaha SXG90 soon to updated


Acid loops and Drag and drop drummer, other loops


behringer mic pre/compressor/multi effects unit,midiman mic/ pre, yamaha EMP700 effects unit,peavey head phone preamp. Behringer Tube composer T1952,Bryston 3b power amp,, Delta 1010 24 bit 96kHzA/D to D/A digital converter recording system.Drawmer front end one MX60 mic preamp,Drawmer DL241 dual auto compressor,Focusrite Platinum Octopre.


Apex 90 overheads, Audio Technica AT3225, Rodes NT3, Sure 57's,an old electrovoice 644, sm58,Sure KSM32,microtech gefell mc 300, rode NT1000. Antares mic modeler(a must have for everyone in this buisness)I can't say enough about that software it is just great.


Allen and Heath 16 channelwizard mixing console.

Tape decks

Sherwood mix down deck, Alesis adat machines

Hard disk recorders



Yamaha Ns-10M, Bryston 3B power amp, headphones an assortment of different models ie.AKG,audio Technica, Aphex


PC pentium III 730MHz with 512 Ram 20.5Gig and 40.0G Gig hard drives with new cd burner.

Music software

Cakewalk pro audio 9, get it on CD, clean, acid loops, ddr,pro jammer 4.o, dbx limiter, compressor, various comp, reverb software. Antares mic modeler, see above future plans for complete new update.

Additional equipment

Technics graphic eq, boss effects for guitar, lots of patch chords, guitar Port, POD Line6 with foot controller,fender 30 champ guitar amp, Peavy blues delux with 15" speaker cabinate, an old silvertone.

Additional notes

started new buisness plan for the studio and plan to attract more people to record jingles,commercials, demos and full length CD projects.Studio buisness in full swing started recording more demos. Hope to chat with other home studio owners about tips and techniques. Best wishes to all

Primary use Secondary use
Commercial work Recording
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100