Home Studio Registry: Les Fradkin

Future plans/projects

20 Guitar Synthesizer solo CD's are in release on my label RRO. Latest one is called "Hyper Midi Guitar."


Starr Labs Ztar MIDI Guitar Controller, Roland VG-8EX V-Guitar System, Epiphone "Revolution" Casino, Epiphone "1965" Casino, 12/6 Doubleneck, Wilson Bros. VM-65 and VM-10 Ventures Models, Rickenbacker 12-String, Rickenbacker 4001v63 Bass. Alesis X-Guitar, Epiphone "Viola" Bass, Epiphone g-1275 "Roland Ready" 6/12 Double neck, Fender Roland GR-Ready Stratocaster.


Starr Labs Ztar Z7s XPA, Roland VK-7 Organ, Samick Digital Grand Piano

Sound modules

Reason 6, Logic 9, Ableton Live 8.2.8, Roland GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer , Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer, Roland VG-8EX, Roland GI-20 GI-MIDI Interface, Roland XV-5080 Synth, Roland GR-50 Guitar Synthesizer, Yamaha TX-7


Roland XV-5080 Synth (Electric V-Drums), Ableton Drum Racks, Reason 6, Yamaha RX11


Joe Meek VC1Q Studio Channel Mic Pre-Amp/Compressor, Joe Meek VC3Q, Line 6 POD, Roland VS8F-2 (6), Vox Tonelab


Rhode N1 (x 2) , AKG D880


(2) Roland VM 3100 Pros

Tape decks

None needed

Hard disk recorders

(3) Roland VSR-880's w/CD Burners


Event Project Studio-6 Speakers, Sony phones


Apple MacBook Intel Core Duo2 with 4GbRAM, 2Tb Hard Drive, (4) Glyph 500 Gb External Hard Drives

Music software

Apple Logic Pro 9.1, MOTU Digital Performer 7.2.3, Ableton Live 8.2.8, Reason 6, Reaktor 5.1, Arturia Moog Modular V2.5, Arturia Jupiter 8V, G-Force M-Tron Pro, Arturia MiniMoog V2.5, Arturia Brass V2, Arturia ARP 2600 V2, Native Instruments Reaktor 5.1, Native Instruments KORE 2, Wave Burner

Additional equipment

EMagic Unitor 8 MkII, MOTU Ultra Lite Firewire Audio, Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1, MOTU Digital Timepiece, Garfield Time Commander, JL Cooper MSB+ MIDI Switcher, Yamaha MEP4 MIDI Event Processor, Yamaha QX1 Sequencer, Yamaha QX-3 Sequencer, Fender Cyber Deluxe Amp, Vox AC 30VT, Vox VBM Brian May Special, Roland KC 100 and 350 Keyboard Amps.
Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Co-writer More than 100