Home Studio Registry: Kenneth Wiltshire

Future plans/projects

My wife was the original lead singer of a sixties groupe called THE TOYS. Their hit single "A LOVERS CONCERTO", (aka "How Gentle Is The Rain") was No.1 all over the world. At that time her name was Barbara Harris and she was the lead singer. Last year we released her first solo production, entitled "BARBARA NOW" We have already started on the second one.


I am a bass player, but I have been working with MIDI for some time. My first sequencer was a "Commodore128" running "SuperSequencer128". I then went to an Amiga with "Soundscape", then to KCS Level II, and finally to Sequencer One+. Plus.


Since I rely on my Amiga, I have only a small keyboard controller. I also have several sound modules (mostly Roland). I like MIDI so much that the only live tracks are guitar.

Sound modules

I use a M-GS64, Korg X5-DR, etc.


Roland TD-7 MIDI Drum Set with sequencer.


I have a YAMAHA PROMIX-01. It has two digital Stereo effects processors inside.


AKG C535EB SM-58


The Promix-01

Tape decks

Sony A7 2track Dat, Alesis ADAT

Hard disk recorders

2 E-MU DARWIN 8 track hard disk recorders


NS-10's with the monitor speakers from our Peavey PA400. (Suprisingly the four speakers together sound very true) AKG-K 240M mixing headphones


Amiga 1200 4GigHD , 32meg ram, 68040@40Mhz, fpp, 2 Iomega Jaz Drives and a Yamaha SCSI CD Burner

Music software

KCS Level II, Sequencer One Plus, Bars and Pipes, Super Jam

Additional equipment

Sync box, Midi switchers, mergers, patchbays

Additional notes

I took the money I was saving to finally fix this old house up enough to be able to have guest and friends come by, and instead put together a studio. So for now all correspondence will have to remain E-mail and phone calls.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles