Home Studio Registry: Keith Muracz

Future plans/projects

Currently I am working on a project with a female R&B vocalist, co-writing a male country artist's five song EP and tracking my own band's first full length CD


Ovation CK057 elec/acoustic, Ibanez S470 electric, Yamaha nylon string acoustic, Legend '62 Custom, Fender custom "fat strat" and Fender Precision bass.



Sound modules



Tama Roadstar/Swingstar mixed set (12pc kit) with misc. DW, Paiste and Zildjian cymbals.


Various Boss pedals (Stereo chorus, stereo delay, compressor, super-overdrive, super-distortion, fuzz and phaser) as well as Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah and Dunlop Rotovibe. Sometimes employ the OLD standby... Digitech DSP and an Eventide harmonizer.


EV ND457 and 458 mics, AKG D95S, Audio-Technica AT814A's as well as miscellaneous Behringer mics (hey, they're cheap!)


Behringer UB2442FX-Pro 24 input/4 bus mixing console with 24-bit digital stero DSP settings.

Tape decks

None - straight to hard drive!

Hard disk recorders



Optimus (by Bose) 120w stereo reference monitors (older set) as well as Pioneer studio monitors. All Behringer headphones with the exception of a Sony set (not sure what model) used when tracking lead vocals... power amp is an older model tube powered Rotel


AMD Duron 850Mhz (though it's overclocked)on an ASUS motherboard with 512MB PC-133 ram, two 80GB Seagate hard drives, 52x CD-ROM and CD-RW drives and a Samsung 750S 17" monitor.

Music software

Whew... here we go. FL Studio Pro 4.1 (Producer Edition), Cubase SX 2.0, Finale 2002, Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, Sound Forge 6.0, Acid 4.0 and T-Racks 24 (but my primary program for tracking has been Cool Edit 2.0 for the last year or so)

Additional equipment

Odds and ends... miscellaneous patchbays, signal boosters, etc. My main guitar amp is a Line6 Flextone III backed up by a Crate GTX212.

Additional notes

I know I'm missing some equipment that I need, but I'm never sure what it is that I should buy next, or what I should upgrade first - which is part of why I'm here now!

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40