Home Studio Registry: Keith Hobson

Future plans/projects

I am currently producing Hip Hop and R&B Tracks for various artists in the industry. I write alot of the compositions by my self and I also play evrything in my music. But when its needed, I do have a whole slew of musicians that contribute to the music I make. I am just now breaking into film and commercial scoring which I really want to do more of....At the moment My studio is located in my house but that is changing very soon. I am in the process of locating a space to build my permanent private studio, complete with live room, control room and iso chamber.




Alesis (Ion Qs6.1), Roland (V-Synth,Juno 106, S-50, D-50, U-20), Casio (CZ-101),

Sound modules

Korg (Triton, O3R/W), Yamaha (motif), EMU (Planet Phat), Kurtzweill (GX 1000)


NO LIVE DRUMS (unless you have some, or I bring in one of my live musicians).....TONS AND TONS OF SAMPLED DRUMS, ORIGINAL HITS recorded my myself.. MPC 2000Xl,ROLAND (DR.5, 808, 909)


Eventide H3000, Lexicon (pcm 60, 70, mpx100), TC and Antaries FX in MY tascam dm-24 Mixers...


Neumann (u-67,47,87), Sure (sm-57-58), SH , Audiotechnica..Many Many more


2 Tascam dm-24's cascaded together to make one 64 channel powerhouse.....

Tape decks

Sony DAT

Hard disk recorders

Tascam mx2424


Crown CE2000.. Sony NS-10s, Event 20/20. M-audios


Mac G-4 Quicksilver dual 800mghz. 1.5 G's of Ram , 200 GIG's of HD space.... PC FOR SAMPLES 17" apple Flat. 15" NEC Flat.

Music software

Logic 7, Giga sampler, Sound forge, Sonar, Vegas, Acid pro. DIGI 002

Additional equipment

1Avalon 737,1 Avalon 2055 EQ, 2 Aphex 661,2 Aphex Dominator 2, 2Emagic AMT8, 1 Urie 565T (lil dipper)Focusrite (big red), Neve 1081, 1073,
Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other More than 100