Home Studio Registry: Julito Ramirez

Future plans/projects

Create my Dream Recording Studio and becoming a Recording Engineer


Takamine Concert Ed. Steel E/A., Alvares Nylon , Palmer Nylon, Estevez Nylon, Fender Strat,Ephiphone Les Paul, Bass Guitar, and what ever my old and new friends bring.


Yamaha and Casio

Sound modules

Computer Base


Yamaha and Boss Dr5


Tons of Plugins


Audix , MXL , Shure , Audix and Nady


Roland Controler Pro and Craig for my analog recording


Behringer Amps a complete stack of EQL's , Compresors , limiters etc. Roland Monitors


My JR Design (home made) Computer with a Dragon pro Mobo, Two 60 Gigs HDD, Creative SC and Gforce VC , complete with 768 mb DDR mem. 2 DVD's and CDR's burners .

Music software

Emagic and Logic RPC Pro , Cubase , Cakewalk , Magix Recording Studio Pro Edition etc.

Additional equipment

FX Machine cool for putting live ambience in the recording

Additional notes

I have a tons of percussions like congas , shekeres , eggs, cow bells, etc.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians