Home Studio Registry: Joseph Manalisay

Future plans/projects

Expanding studio and equipment to handle the professional level clients now recording here.


Gibson,hamer,prs,fender,and ibanez.


None, client supplied

Sound modules

None, client supplied


Alesis dm5, boss dr5.


Digitech, tc electronic, line 6 and numerous plug-ins.


Sennheiser,shure,studio projects,oktava,audio-technica.


Mackie 32-8 used for monitoring and tracking only.. manley vox box, antares avp-1. all mixing done in software

Tape decks

Scully 280-b

Hard disk recorders

Alesis hd-24


monitors: event ps-6, bose 301, realistic bookshelf. heaphones: akg,phillips,sony. headphone amp : rolls 6 channel. amp for bose speakers: 150watt kenwood


Apple power mac g-4,1.5g ram. external (x2) 200 gig hard drives.

Music software

Digital performer 4.1 and 4.5

Additional equipment

Motu 2408 mk3, sony cd recorder, tc electronic finalizer. amps by fender,marshall,polytone.peavey,trace elliot and crate..

Additional notes

Full service, super relaxed, professional studio that provides artists with tools to be creative and give their best performance without having to worry about hourly charges. reasonable per song rate, pro level recording quality.. sample of recordings available on request.

mail to: josephmanalisay@msn.com

Primary use Secondary use
Other Other
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone More than 100