Home Studio Registry: Jonathan Michaels

Future plans/projects

I am in the process of beginning to accept outside projects from musicians and bands with limited funds. These projects will be handled via Internet collaboration. E-mail me for further info.


Fender Squire Stratocaster(custom wired), Aria "Gibson SG" copy(custom wired), Cort 6-string Acoustic, Ovation Celebrity Acoustic/ Electric


Casio CTK-511(midi-capable), Yamaha YPR-7 Electric Piano(non-MIDI), Casio SK-1 Sampler


MIDI Files, Loops, Digital Audio(live drums), Alesis SR-16


BOSS ME-6 Effects pedal, Peavey Deltafex


Carvin C3240 mixing console(main board), Optimus SSM-1750 Stereo Mixer(line Mixer)

Tape decks

JVC Model TD-W354 Dual Cassette


Fisher Home Theater System, JVC Boombox, Car Stereo (note: I monitor on various systems in order to determine best overall mix)


Hewlett-Packard Model 6653C with CDR/CDRW drive (DAW), 100MHz Pentium (custom - MIDI workstation),

Music software

Cakewalk Sonar v 1.0, Steinberg Wavelab 3.04, Waves Gold v 3.2, Band-In-A-Box v 7, Yamaha SoftSynthesizer S-YXG100 Plus

Additional equipment

Peavey Stereo Chorus 400 amplifier
Primary use Secondary use
Practice and Rehearsal Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone Less than 5