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Future plans/projects

Build a new studio from the ground up in the middle of the desert.


1964 es 330, martin 000-28so, goya ge-25, 1984 studio custom les paul, rg 550 ibanez lots of strats and tele's and to many misc guitars like 40+


Whats a keyboard

Sound modules



Tama star classic custom w/ cobra pedals and zildjian A custom cymbals


Lexicon, alesis ,tc electronics and dbx. lots of stuff but nothing to fancy yet.


At 4033, neuman 103, 2 oktava mk102, lots of sennhieser and audix drum mics. lots o 57's and misc stuff


32-8 buss w/meter bridge and digi 002 was ordered today

Tape decks

Sony cdrw33

Hard disk recorders

Alesis hd 24


Mackie 824's and behringer truth's and a cheesey but fuctional behringer headphone amp with akg phones


Custom built 2.4 ghz with a gig of ram and all kinds of other words i don't understand

Music software

Protools w/ plugins galore

Additional equipment

Good ears. and some funky old military oscillator and a rotating speaker and bunches of misc. junk/gold gear

Additional notes

We capture audio and try not to be limited by what gear we have or don;t have we belive its not about how much gear you have but how you use the tools you do have to make the best end result.

johnycat high priest of audiology

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Recording
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40