Home Studio Registry: John Maheu

Future plans/projects

Looking to find new musicians to jam w/ all the time and wanna cut as many recordings as I can before I kick it...


Fender tele+strat,ovation,alvarez,Ibanez,washburn,62' harmony rocketIbanez Les paul rip-off


Roland jd-800,d110,u220,jx-1 emu vintage keys,korg ds-8,voce microb,wurlitzer elec. piano,Wurli organ

Sound modules

See above


D-4 hr 16


Lexicomlxp1+5's rev-20 ibanez 8 sec delay,boss se-50 midiverb3 dbx 266a,166a,valley dynamite,t.c. electronics finalizer,bellari 282a alesis3630


Sm 57's,58 beyer large diaphragm,sm81'sakg d-112


Tascam m-520 8 bus

Tape decks

A old black 4.0 adats,denon 20 bit dat,denon cassette, teac 1/4"


Hafler p120,tannoy pbm 6.5's,yamaha ns10's


Amd k-62 32 megs ram seagate 2gb,iomega 2gb jaz

Music software

Wavelab,cubase,cakewalk pro audio,saw and saw plus,cool edit and dao

Additional equipment

Oh man....e-mail me

Additional notes

Looking to hook up w/ musician's in northern virginia.I also engineer at a commercial studio for a full time job so I get some decent rates if there are any drummers or bass players out there...I like to work w/ cool people that are truly easy to get along w/...don't like ego's or know it all's,it takes away from the creativity in the recording process:)e-mail me if you wanna hook up

Primary use Secondary use
Commercial work Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100