Home Studio Registry: John Lupton

Future plans/projects

Record Progressive/Rock/Jazz CD


1969 Gibson Flying V Fully Customized and Applause D-38 Acoustic/Electric


Roland XP-10 and Kurzweil With MOTU Freestyle and Turtle Beach Midi Orchestrator

Sound modules

Kurzweil Computer Synthesizer Module


Alesis HR-16 Plus / Roland XP-10 Drums


Roland VS-840 FX / Boss SE-50 / Yamaha GEP-50 / DBX 161b Compressor/Limiter


Stereo Matched Pair of Electro Voice N/D 257a's / Shure BG-1 / Shure SM-57 Shure SM-58 / Shure P-87 / Audio Technica Pro-7


Roland VS-840

Tape decks

Roland VS-840

Hard disk recorders

Roland VS-840 Coll Edit Pro


Sampson Servo 120 / Digital Designs M6b's / Custom JLL-81's Koss TD-60, SONY MDR-P1, and Yamaha Headphones


Compaq Deskpro 2000 w/ 3.2 GIG Harddrive-64 MEG of SD-RAM... SONY CDR928 CD Rec.

Music software

Sony CD Right CD Software, Adaptec CD Creator,Cool Edit Pro,Turtle Beach Malibu MOTU Freestyle, Midi Orchestrator Plus, Spectrogram anylizer

Additional equipment

Various Percussion Instruments, Holton Al Hirt Model Trumpet King Cornet (1922 model) Various Saxaphones and Harmonicas Yamaha PSR-500 and 2 Basses and a partridge in a pair tree!!!

Additional notes

I do a lot of demo CD's for local Oklahoma Acts (all Music Styles) We do mobile Digital Recordings and CD Mastering

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 61-100