Home Studio Registry: Joe Unik

Future plans/projects

Currently writing/recording songs.....punk/pop/metal kinda feel. We are now getting near studio quality mixdowns using a digital workstation and minimal hardware components


4 string fender bass 6 string Fender Squire Stratocastor 6 string Gibson Eplphone



Sound modules

Peavey Unity series 8 channel mixer Peavey 6 channel guitar preamp/head Samson servo 240 power amp for playback over crate monitors


Mapex mars series toms (3) - pearl 13x3 snare - Alesis D4 drum module for kick drum and other efx - all cymbals are Sabian AA's (hihat, 10"splash, 16" crash, china, 20" heavy ride, 3 spike triggers


Lexicon MPX100 DSP module


2 Shure SM57's 4 Shure BG 3.1's


Peavy Unity 1002 8 channel

Tape decks

(i laugh hehe) digital multitracking on a PC (sorry no macs!)


Samson servo 240 Crate PE-15H monitors Sony MDR-V600 headphones


Homebuilt celeron 300A overclocked to 450, 256MB SDRAM, UDMA IDE drives

Music software

Cool Edit Pro, Fruity Loops, DirectX plugins

Additional equipment

Peavy Bass combo amp Don't forget US!!!!

Additional notes

Eager to answer any questions

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Practice and Rehearsal
Recording level MIDI level
High Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians