Home Studio Registry: Joe Healey

Future plans/projects

Instrumental recordings from quiet fingerstyle acoustic to rageing electric.


Taylor 312CE on forever back order from Music 123.com Acoustic: Fender DG20CE Electric: Fender Strat, Gibson SG-X


Acid loops.


Alesis 3130 Compressor, Alesis Microverb,various stomp boxes.


Shure SM-58, Audio Technica MB 4000-Condenser, Stageworks Dynamic


Use Tascam mixer on 424 multi-track.

Tape decks

Tascam 424 mk II and Sony consumer deck for mixdown. Also experimenting with mixdown to VCR.

Hard disk recorders

HP Machine with Pentium Celeron and Sound ForgeXP.


Sony surround system with consumer stereo speakers.


HP 4141. 64MB

Music software

Sound Forge XP Acid Various MP3 encoders,

Additional notes

Really need help with acoustic recording in a noisy environment (can't move). Mic recommendations especially appreciated.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Average None
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone Less than 5