Home Studio Registry: Jim Snow

Future plans/projects

Put together a CD of original songs. 50 to 75 minutes long. Mixture of Medium Hard Rock, Old and New Country, and anything else that contrasts with the first two that will give the CD an edge and keep it interesting and surprising.


Peavey Rapture Plus, Cheep S101 used for steel / slide , Squire Tele Custom, and Yamah G75 accustic.


Cheep Casio ( Non MIDI)

Sound modules

None so far


Drum machine included in Cake Walk Guitar Tracks Computer Program used to record tracks. Also Drum Machine on Digitec RP200 Guitar effects pedal.


Digitec RP200


Several ranging from Cheep to Lower High end price range.


Old Yamaha 8 Channel and Cake Walk Computer 8 Channel program

Tape decks

Cassett and older Sony Reel to Reel

Hard disk recorders



Medium range studio monitor speakers and RF wireless headphones


IBM 233Mghz, 128Meg Ram, 2 -20 Gig Hard Drives, Read Write CD Drive.

Music software

Cake Walk Guitar Tracks

Additional notes

Been dabbling in music recording for several years, and now starting to lay down some tracks that I want to put together to burn to a CD.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Jamming and Fun
Recording level MIDI level
Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles