Home Studio Registry: Jeffrey Shoemaker

Future plans/projects

In process of completing demo for my band, Vocalplex, which is hopefully going to be one of Milwaukee's leading cover/dance bands. Also opening this studio, which I am trying to market to independent artists, smaller bands, remixing, demos, and full projects if they don't mind the multi-tracking process.


Taylor 710 ce, Fender Deluxe Strat, Fender Lyte P-Bass, Yamaha 5 string fretted bass, Cort Curbow 5 string fretless bass.


Kurzweil KME-61, EMU PK-6, Casio PX-300.

Sound modules

Roland Sc880, Alesis DM5, EMU Mophatt, Korg M2000R.


Soon a Pearl or Pacific Fusion Kit, Conga's, Bongo's, Timbales, Udu drum, Box Cajon, Cabasa, Guiro, etc..


Alesis Microverb 4, Alesis Midiverb 2, SPX 90, Protools Plugs


Shure SM58's, 57's ,KSM32, AKG C1000S, (2)AKG C2000B, Rode NT5 pair, Blue Ball, Sennheiser E604's, Sennheiser E609, Oktava MC012's, GLS Audio ES-57's, etc..


Behringer MX9000 main, Mackie 32X8 for live

Tape decks

Teac 1/4" Reel to Reel 2trk, (2)Alesis Adat Blackface

Hard disk recorders

Alesis HD24, Alesis Masterlink, Digi002 Protools


Tannoy Active Reveals


Powermac G4 733mhz with firewire drives for storage

Music software

Protools, Logic Audio 5.5, Reason 2.5, Cool Edit Pro 2.0, Sound Forge 6.0

Additional equipment

Antares Vocal Producer, Behringer Ultradyne 9024 w/ Aes/Ebu option, Behringer 4700 headphone amp, (3)DBX 266XL, (2)Behringer PEQ2200, Behringer T1953 preamp, Behringer Mic 2200 preamp, Midiman 8X8 usb midi interface, Alesis 3630, (5) Ultrapatch Pro patchbays, BBE 462, Sabine 1601? rack tuner, Fender Mandolin, Behringer BX 1200 bass amp, Fender FX 100 keyboard amp, Fender Ultimate Chorus guitar amp, CCTV camera system for iso booths, N64 system for fun, and a partridge in a pear tree. Live sound gear- Mackie 32X8 board, (3) fender wedge monitors, QSC amp, (4) JBL EON 15 mains, (2) JBL EON 15 monitors, PSM 400 in ear monitor system, (2) Audio Technica 3000 series wireless combos w/ Crown headsets and instrument cords, and too much random stuff to list.

Additional notes

My goal is to offer a great product for a reasonable price to Milwaukee's(and surrounding area's)local bands and artists. Hope you check us out!

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians