Home Studio Registry: Jeffrey Miller

Future plans/projects

Adding a 16 or 24 track 1" or 2" analog tape machine to our digital recording capabilities


Fender USA Tele and Strat, Martin D-28 and many others


Korg Triton

Sound modules

Roland, Kurzweil, Alesis and GigaSampler


Alesis DMPro and Acoustic Percussion/Drums


Neve EQs, UriE 1176, Lexicon and TC gear as well as a huge library of software plugins like Waves Platinum Bundle, Antares Autotune, UAD DSP Audio Card, TDM Bundles and many Direct X Plugins.


Neumann U-87, TLM 103, KM184, AKG C414(2), Audio Technica AT4060, AT4033, Earthworks QTC(2), SR-77 (2), Fostex Ribbon Mic, CAD E350, SM-57(6), Beta-58, Sennheiser 421, 441


02R/96, Ramsa DA-2 (2 each), Mackie32-8, 1604VLZ

Tape decks

Adat XT-20, Otari MTR-10, Tascam 32-8

Hard disk recorders

Alesis HD24, Masterlink


Genelec 2.1, Dynaudio BM-6A, NHT Pro A-20,


Apple G4 Dual 1.42Ghz, Pentium 4 2.2Ghz, Carillon System

Music software

Protools Mix-Plus, Digi001, Digi Mbox, Nuendo Cubase SX and Sonic Solutions work stations

Additional equipment

Excellent medium sized facility, purpose built for recording, mastering and video post
Primary use Secondary use
Other Recording
Recording level MIDI level
High Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Engineer More than 100