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Future plans/projects

I record and write when I get time... and inspiration. It goes in spurts... there are some years where I write and record nothing and then others where I will write and record 10 songs in the year. Music is just one of my past times and I will readily admit that I don't get nearly enough time to indulge in it. I do some individual things... and I also work within a small band environment.


1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite, an Ovation Acoustic, and a 2000 ESP LTD model six string. I also have an assortment of other mutt guitars and a cheap little bass. Most of my guitar recording has been done direct using a digitech guitar processor and I have since moved on to the Line6 POD, but only have recorded one song with that so far... hope to do more soon.


Casio keyboard... but I rarely use it. Korg JP2000 synth... I dont really use that much either, they are more for fun than really being incorporated in my songs... my work is more guitar driven and not electronically generated in the sound sense.

Sound modules



I have a "many piece" mutt of a Pearl Drumset with all sorts of cymbals and mics... we try to record live whenever possible. Most of my personal demos thus far have used an Alesis SR-16 (or earlier in the 90s the HR-16). When doing band recording, we use the drum kit.


I use the effects on my Roland VS-880EX digital work station. I havent focused on getting more because I prefer to spend my money on instruments rather than effects. I also have a BDE Sonic Maximizer we use in live mixes and I will likely use in future mastering.


I use many from Marshall to AKG to AudioTechnica to Shure (SM57s and SM58s)


I have a powered Peavy mixer and a Behringer model for my drum mics.

Hard disk recorders

Roland VS2480 (and a older Roland VS-880EX)


Headphones mostly... but also have studio monitors and a PA system.


I have a few... Toshiba laptop and Meridion desktop... both Pentium IV with XP Professional... plenty of memory and disk space.

Music software

I have a few wav type programs, but nothing special... I prefer to use my digital recorders in a more analog fashion... not alot of looping or copying parts around.

Additional notes

I am into my own style of Heavy Metal and quite a few things as a listener. I certainly do not claim to be a virtuoso by any means... I realize I am generally average at many things I do... but I do them for my own enjoyment. I would consider myself to be of the same mold as KISS and WASP where I'll take a hit on skill and sloppiness at times but I have my own vibe. I am more interested in having my own style than being a perfectionist. I have spent alot of money through the years on musical gear, but it has never been an investment with financial gain in mind. I do it for the enjoyment and for being able to express thoughts and feelings at times too. Creating music is a great way to work through hard times and/or have a good time.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Practice and Rehearsal
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40