Home Studio Registry: Jeff Smail

Future plans/projects

Sift thru my 300+ catalog of original analog demos to find 20-30 songs to redo for a CD set while still trying to squeeze in some outside jobs.


72-Strat, Les Paul Studio, Ibanez RG470, AriaProII E/A,Taylor 315CE, Aria and Carlos acoustics, 77-4001 Rickenbacher Bass, Washburn 5str Bass.


Kurzweil PC88, Yamaha SY22, Roland Pro-E, Korg MS10, Emu Pro-E, ProFormance digi grand pianos box, 60's Kimball Organ w/ Leslie cabinet.


73-Walnut Ludwigs with all new(2000) hardware+cymbals+dbl.bass pdl., Alesis SR16, Alesis D4 w/(9) Yamaha trigz, SY22 and Pro-E percussion sounds. ALL DRUMS 1+2 CD samples.


Alesis, Art, Behringer, dbx, Focusrite, Gain Brain (2 mods), Kepex (5 mods), and...sometime in the not too distant future... Telefunken V72s, API 312s, and an Avalon 737.




Mackie 24/8 w/Elco cables, Peavey MKIII(PA use)

Tape decks

2-Adat XT20s, Fostex D-5 DAT, Marantz CDR630 CDRW, Pioneer dual cassette.


AKG-K240s/K141 phones, Alesis RA100, Hafler P1500 TransNova, Event 20/20s, Advent Heritage spkrs, Carver C-1 pre-amp, Carver PM1.5 amp, AB 400,(2)AB 600 amps, Eclipse car stereo.


Mac G4-400, DVD, 10gig HD, 384MB, Iomega Zip, 17" Apple mon, Aurora Fuse video card w/ Adobe Premiere LE digital video editing software.

Music software

ProTools Digi 001,w/AudioSuite FX, CD label kit.

Additional equipment

Amps: Crate G130C, Dean Markley BassAmp, Fender SuperTwin, Marshall JCM800, (2)DOD 275 DI boxes, dbx and Neutrik patchbays, Monster cables, Tascam 144 4tk, Nice PA w/lights + smoke. Remington gun safe for mics and media storage.

Additional notes

When constructing the addition for my studio in 1999, I took the extra time and effort to add a cedar cathedral ceiling w/skylights for ambience and looks, a control room w/angled walls and ceiling, a nice control desk w/ oak trim, color coded outlets, offset walls.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100