Home Studio Registry: Jeff Hinton

Future plans/projects

I have release 4 solo CDs and 4 CDs with my band Joshua Creek. I also have produced many compilation CDs and have songs on dozens of CDs and in several TV and film projects.


1 Taylor Acoustic, 1 Ovation Balladier, 1 12-string Yamaha, 1 classical Yamaha, and 1 Ibanez EX360 Electric guitar


Roland Console Digital Piano, Alesis Synthesiser K6

Sound modules

Kawai K1m, Roland


Roland TD7 Digital Drum Set


Digitec multi-effects processor, Beringer Compressor


1 AKG C3000 and 1 Behringer B1 (large condenser mikes), plus various dynamic mikes.


Mackie 16 channel mixer, Behringer 16 Channel mixer

Tape decks

1 dual cassette deck 1 Fostex DAT machine

Hard disk recorders

I use the ProTools MBox system on my PC.


Sony Headphones 1 200 Watt Stereo Power Amp and Yamaha monitor speakers


Intel P4 3 ghz, 2 Meg Ram, 500 gig HD, 2 CD Burner

Music software

ProTools MBox with ProTools LE, Cakewalk Pro Audio, and The Jammer Professional

Additional equipment

I have a small home studio. I use a headphone amp for the vocal room.

Additional notes

My studio is designed for small vocal projects and Demos. I have done a lot of radio and TV sound work in my room and have been able to complete the projects by myself. Occasionally I go to Rosewood or Wiz Productions to have the final projects mixed or mastered.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Above average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100