Home Studio Registry: Jeff Damon

Future plans/projects

Create second CD to sell at venues I perform at!


Taylor 414,'82 solid top yamaha acoustic w/fishman mod.,salvador ibanez classical/elec./acoustic,Sigma solid top 12 string,Epiphone studio LP,Lauren 34" $34 kids guitar tuned to open A-- wee! GL Bass and FENDER P Bass


Casio! yum yum


Dw 5 pc, roland "V" drums, LP congas,yamaha dx old drum machine, and new yamaha pad drum machine(handy tools!)


Dbx166-lexicon rack mount-zoom 506 bass multi-effect, zoom 312 studio effects unit-BOSS acoustic guitar sim stomp box-DOD 7 band graphic pedal-REALISTIC REVERB from the 70's!!!and an ADS stereo 12 band graphic EQ rackmount


EARTHWORKS SR-77 cardioid studio,EARTHWORKS SR-78 hyper-card.studio, EARTHWORKS QTC-1 omni studio,M30 measurement mic, 2x SR-69s live sound vocal and intrument cardioid


Euro Beringher for live ,Tascam at home

Tape decks

Tascam 424 porta-studio,JVC dubbing deck, AKAI 3head mastering deck,AKAI reel to reel 4-trk,ONKYO dubbing deck

Hard disk recorders



Technics amp, ADC 2-ways from the 70's man, KLH 2-ways for the A/B reality check, and EARTHWORKS SIGMA6.2's for the detailed mixing



Music software


Additional equipment

A VERY comfortable CHAIR !!!!

Additional notes

For the less-experienced home studio owner: invest in the best you can find, subscribe to tape-op,homestudio, any mag to get input from the pros!! mix, EQ all good and needed!!!

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Other
Recording level MIDI level
Above average None
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Engineer 21-40