Home Studio Registry: Jan van Lieshout

Future plans/projects

Recording a CD as a gift to the prospects of my real-estate business. Recording a CD with my band: bluesband Tightrope. Recording a CD for the school of my children with school-songs. Recording all the stuff what's in my head. Recording a CD for the Henk Kraus Jazz Trio.


Fender Strat USA de Luxe (1963, 1972). Gibson Les Paul Standard. Ibanez Jazz. Egmond (Dutch, 1969). Shergold.


Doepfer MK3 Pro MIDI Masterkeyboard. Hammond XB-2. Yamaha DX-7 and DX-11.

Sound modules

Akai S-6000 full options studio pro-sampler, Yamaha TX-7 (2x), Roland D-110, U-110, U220, JV-880, MT32, Voce DM-64.


Yamaha Custom, Roland SPD-8, SPD-11.


Behringer Composer gate, compressor/limiter, peaklimiter (8 x mono). Behringer Ultrafex, Behringer Bass contour/enh. , Headphoneamplifier, DI-pro (4) Roland SE-50, SE-70, Alesis MidiVerb-4, Digitech Vocalist.


Neumann, Shure, AKG, Audix, Monacor


Tascam 48 channels

Tape decks

Sansu�� MR-6 (2x) synchro with MIDI and synchro with harddiskrecorder. Sony modified DAT recorder

Hard disk recorders

Roland VS-1680 and VS-1880


Spirit Absolute Two. Samson Servo 170 AKG, Sony, Teac headphones.


Atari, just for MIDI

Music software

Steinberg, Cubase, Notator, Editing software for all soundmodules with about 100.000 sounds

Additional equipment

Drums, Bass Amp Trace Eliott, Fender de Luxe 85, Champ, Performer. 2 keyboard amp's Elka, Line-6 POD, Line-6 Combo, etc. etc.

Additional notes

Nice musical room with extra controlroom. Experiened musician.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Above average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 61-100