Home Studio Registry: Jamie Garner

Future plans/projects

Add a video arm to the studio, get more mics and preamps! get more gear! yeah! (actually, i'd like to get a digi002 for remote work.....)


Lp deluxe, lp special, tele b-bender, tele am std, guild dreadnought,'67 mustang bass, p-bass, j-bass, strat, epiphone casino, danelectro baritone, epiphone wildkat, danelectro longhorn, fender acoustic bass, epiphone chet atkins. amps- '63 fender tremolux, kendrick 2112, gibson goldtone grvs30,swr mf15, ampeg b50, fender deluxe, hartke 1400, fender '71 bassman


Yamaha djx, roland jv1000, keystation 49

Sound modules

Roland soundcanvas, ni b4, pro-52, fm7, cybersound cyberstudio, unity ds-1


'71 rogers 'holiday' five piece, assorted zildjian/sabian hammered brass cymbals, dw maple snare, '68 rogers brass dyna-sonic snare, boss dr-770, boss dr-670, alesis d4, alesis sr-16


Langevin el-op, alesis nano comp, crate smcl comp, art levlar, art tubepac


Neumann tlm193, blue baby bottle, gefell m300 (pair), at4033 (pair), at4041, shure sm81, audix d4, audix om-2, sennheiser 421, sennheiser e609, shure 57s/58s, beyer tgx58, rode nt1,soundelux tube condensor, at3525, akg d112,


Mackie 1402

Tape decks


Hard disk recorders

Roland vs880 (for remote work)


Event ps6, sennheiser 265, sony v600, koss pro4aa (six pair) behrenger headphone amp


Apple quicksilver 733/g4, 720 megs ram, 2 scsi 18gig uw drives, with digi001/pro tools apple emac 700/g4, 80 gig firewire, with mbox apple imac dv/se 40 gig firewire, with motu 828

Music software

Pro tools, metro se, audio desk, spark xl- for pro tools, the bombfactory la-2a, pultec eq, and fairchild 660, waves L1 ultramaximizer, real-verb pro

Additional equipment

Langevin dual vocal combo, presonus digimax 24/96, apogee rosetta, pod xt, pod, bass pod, kiwi and cranberry cables, a/v 16 channel snake, monster trs cables, furman and eta power conditioners

Additional notes

Aside from my own personal work, i'm starting to take on regular v/o and jingle work, as well as recording country, jazz, bluegrass, and pop acts in the midwest. it seems there are many small studios poipping up, and most seem to be aimed at hard rock/hiphop production- my setup and room is geared more twords recording more 'refined' (not to sound snobby!) artists, thanks to the high quality of my mics and preamps- i'm getting a reputation among folk/country/bluegrass artists as 'the' place to get a great sound!

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40