Home Studio Registry: James Garcia

Future plans/projects

I am currently writing and arranging original material ranging from blues, to rock, to "other." Would really like to find people to collaborate with to complete song ideas, and then make it happen live.


Fender Strat Plus w/ maple neck and gold lace sensor pickups Ibanez artist series flat-top solidbody w/unfinished neck SSH config w/coil cut and locking trem


Yamaha PSR-79 Yeah cheap as hell, though I've used it to good effect to create bass parts(don't have one) Also has a drum machine and MIDI ins and outs, though I have no idea how to integrate MIDI with everything else.

Sound modules



Internal drum machine from the BOSS BR-864 Internal drum machine from Yamaha PSR keyboard


Roland GT-3 for guitar FX Internal FX of BOSS BR-864(COSM)


Single Audio Technica ST-90 w/ boom mic stand


Behringer Eurorack UB1202 - 12input, 2 bus and phantom power

Tape decks

Fostex XR-3 4-track For mixdown? whichever tapeplayer around the house still works...

Hard disk recorders

BOSS BR-864 8-track digital studio


Was using a set of Roland MA-8 powered monitors, Now using an old SHARP HI-FI portable component system(fancy boombox)w/ a built in 10 -band spectrum analyzer and 10-band graphic EQ, pushing thru its original 3-way speakers, containing 2 tweeters (1ribbon) and a flat diaphragm woofer. 1 pair cheap no-name headphones



Music software


Additional equipment

Johnson six string Acoustic guitar Marshall VS 30R guitar amp and a Harmonica laying around here somewhere...

Additional notes

As of right now am financially challenged, would like and appreciate any tips on how to use my current equipment to maximum effect.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording level MIDI level
Just learning None
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles