Home Studio Registry: Ike Mhlanga

Future plans/projects

Expand into a commercial facility.


Fender Strat, Fender Jazz Bass


Proteus MPS

Sound modules

Emu 1, 2 &3 Rolland U220, Rolland GR1 Peavey Midi Bass


Yamaha RY30


Alesis Midiveb 3. Art Multiveb


AKG 444, Sure SM 58, SM 57


Soundcraft Spirit

Tape decks

Fostex G16S Sonny DTS 1000 Dat Machine


JBL 4410 and JBL 8" Near field Tannoy 15" Golds Quad 44 AKG


Meccer (Intel pentium motherboard 200mmx) Dynatek SCSI 1.01gig 64MB Memory

Music software

Tripple Dat, TDAT 16 , Cubase VST and Sound Forge 4 Editor Plus Software.

Additional equipment

Yamaha CBX D5 Sound Processor Tripple Board, TDAT 16 Board , A16 Breakout box Gina Card DAL Card D Board

Additional notes

I am a qualified electrical Engineer employed by a power utility in Zimbabwe. am highly computer literate and I have no problems understanding the concepts behind today's technology. I believe I ave a good ear for music. I would like to communicate with other Home Studio owners.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles