Home Studio Registry: Gregory Spinney

Future plans/projects

To continue composing, engineering,producing and mastering mine and anyone interested peoples music until the day i die. At the present time I am in between web sites, but I do have a nice sample of streaming audio on the CBC sponsored newmusic canada site. Also feel free to listen to a show of my own composition that aired on CKMS FM in Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario Canada in April 2001, and that is found at www.jelly.ca and it is accessed right from the home part of the main page.


1970 Yamaki Deluxe #112 Acoustic 6string folk (with a Dean Markley Promag Grand humbucking pick-up) 1963 Gibson SG Oscar Schmidt Spirit Electric Bass


Roland EP-5 digital piano, M-audio oxygen8 midi keyboard controller Roland Jx-3p polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

Sound modules

Yamaha FB-01 multi timbral FM tone generator. Yamaha Tx81z Digital FM tone synthesizer , Korg EA-1 analog modelling synth, Roland PMA-5 midi sound module&sequencer/arranger Roland D2 sequencer synthesizer module Roland U-110 PCM Sound Module E-MU esi 4000 Turbo Digital Sampler (128MB Ram with 100MB Zip drive &ten zip disks)


Roland TR-505 rhythm composer, yamaha RX21L rhythm programmer, Casio RZ-1 digital sampling rhythm composer


Korg Kaoss KP-2 dynamic FX controller, Alto aVERB 24/32 bit digital multi-FX module Zoom 505 guitar multiFX Zoom 503 Amp simultator Zoom 506II bass FX ElectroHarmonix small stone phase shifter Yamaha GC-100 compressor/5-band equalizer DOD FX53 classic Tube pedal Phantom Wah pedal


Shure sm-57 (legendary) ; > ) Shure sm-58 ElectroVoice RE-18 dynamic super cardioid Apex 460 -multi pattern Tube condenser microphone


Peavey XR1200c, Behringer Eurorack MX802a Behringer Eurorack UB 2222 FX pro

Tape decks

Akai 1730d-ss(1/4" 4track reel2reel) Sony TC-wr465 double cassette deck Sony MZ-R500 mini disc recorder Sony MDS JE510 studio mini disc recorder/sample rate converter Tascam MF-P01 (4 track cassette recorder)


Sherwood CTA-4 Integrated Amplifier Sony+Jensen speaker system Yorkville YSM1i passive monitor speakers Audio Technica headphones Jensen Digital Auddio Headphones Yorkville BassMaster 50 (bass amplifier)


PowerMacintosh 8100/80 AV Macintosh Performa 5200CD PowerPC(ADSL internet connection) Macintosh IIsi(used as an oscilloscope, dont want it to feel left out of the fun) Macintosh IIci(Desktop Publishing)

Music software

Sound Sculptor II multi track recorder ReBirth2.0 Emagic MicroLogic 2.0 WaveWindow oscillascope SonicWorx FFT AnalyZer Cubasis

Additional equipment

Focusrite Platinum TwinTrak Pro (two channel stereo instrument/mic/line in channel strip with compression and notch EQ and monitoring) Alto aMICtube -stereo tube preAmp ART tube MP mic Tube preAmp Behringer UltraMatch SRC 2000 Sample rate converter RANE PE-15 paraMetric Equaliser DBX 163X compressor/limiter DBX 463X noise gate Alto aCOMP 24/32 bit digital compression module(x2)

Additional notes

Dextrotronix Sound Lab- this studio is my own private sound lab, from which i am able to express myself as comfortably as I ever could. I am extremely proficient with each and every piece of gear I own. I am available to produce tracks for and with any people that i meet who are after a good quality recording either digital or analogue, and especially recordings where both domains are used, a sort of "DigiLogue Studio"

Primary use Secondary use
Other Other
Recording level MIDI level
Above average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 41-60