Home Studio Registry: Greg Utter

Future plans/projects

Currently working on song writing and recording my own compositions


Larivee 000 parlor guitar, Johnson Carolina II, Epiphone AJ500R 12 fret, Yamaha CPX 8SY; Tacoma Road King,Carlo Robelli arched top electric jazz guitar, Gibson Blue Ridge acoustic, AXL Tele copy; Yamaha fretless Bass, Yamaha F400 acoustic, Yamaha classical guitar, Jay Turser Strat copy


M-Audio Keystation

Sound modules

Boss DR8


Boss DR8


Art FXR elite; DBX 266xl BBE 482; DigiTech Vocalist VR


Octava C012 for stereo recording; Octava 312, CAD M37; Marshall 2001, Studio Projects B2, Behringher B5, AT c1000s; AT 812a lavalier; M-Audio Solaris, Samson S2


Alesis studio 24

Tape decks

Yamaha MT100 4 track recorder; Sony tc ke500s mixdown deck

Hard disk recorders

Fostex d 90; Akai DPS16; Tascam 788; MicroTrack 24/96


Samson DA 80; Samson RH600 Yamaha RH 5M


AMD64 2.1G 2Gb-of ram with 250G hard drive

Music software

Cubase, Cooledit Pro

Additional equipment

Motu 8pre interface for hard disk recording amd 12X10X32 CD burner Art Tube Pac pre amp compressor; Art two channel Voiced Valve preamp with OPL; VTB1 Studio Projects pre amp; Tech 21 guitar amp; Genz Benz shuttle 600 watt bass amp head with Avatar 2/10 bass cabinet,Prime CB50 bass amp; Samson cq8 headphone amp. M-Audio Key Station

Additional notes

I welcome any dialog from others interested in and involved with singer songwriter projects--and home studio recording.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone More than 100