Home Studio Registry: Greg Spolarich

Future plans/projects

Create small Indie record label.


1994 G and L Legacy, Yamaha SE1203,1979 Yamaha L25-A Hand-made acoustic,1996 Ibanez Talsman,1973 Univox Slide,1995 Fretlight FG-200 Pro.


Coming soon.

Sound modules



Boss DR550 MK-II


Lexicon PCM80, Digitech Studio 400, Art Qudra/FX, Boss Chorus CE-1, Phaser PH-1 and Distortion D5-1 pedals,Boss AD-5 Acoustic Instument Processor, Barcus Berry Super Boost, Rockman X-100, Dunlop Original Crybaby pedal.


Rode NTK Tube, Rode NT5 stereo pair, Blue Dragonfly, Shure SM57, Shure KSM44, Audix D1, D2 and D4, Sennheiser e602 and e604, Electro Voice EV868, Audio Technica ATN33a, Studio Projects C3.


Mackie 32 channel x 8 buss with meter bridge.

Tape decks

Three Tascam DA-78HR eight tracks, Tascam MSR-24 24 track analog recorder, Fostex D-5 Digital Master Recorder.

Hard disk recorders



Mackie HR824 self powered and JBL 4206 monitors.Sony 7506 and Audio Technica ATH MF-40fs headphones.


Macintosh G4 400 MHz, 20 GB hard drive, 512 MB Ram, 9.2 OS.

Music software

Pro Tools LE 5.1 24 track with AudioSuite plugins.

Additional equipment

Digi 001 interface, T.C. Electronics Finalizer Plus and Waves L2 UltraMaximizer for mastering.Two Neve 81280, Eight channel Presonus M80 and Joemeek VCQ1 pre amps. Eight channel ACP88, Bellari RP283 and Alesis 3620 stereo compressors/limiters/gates.Ashly SC66 stereo 4 band parametric equalizer.Tascam CD-RW5000 master CD burner.
Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 21-40