Home Studio Registry: Greg Gibson-Bailey

Future plans/projects

Audition Facility for artists and bands to hold auditions and have a place to practice. we have 16 digital recording now. jewel case setups and cd burning (mastering)


I use Westones (15 collected) also Steinberger, Fender,


Yamaha Keyboards

Sound modules


Yamaha, and Keyboard drums


Peavey ProFexII, Peavey AddVerb, Peavey Tube Sweetener, Morley Bad Horsie I, Sabine Rack Tuner.


Audio Technica, V-tec, Nady


Eclips 16

Tape decks

Tascan 238, Yamaha MT8X,4X

Hard disk recorders

HP 6410 laptop PC


Pioneer surroundsound


Hp laptop

Music software

Magix Studio 2000

Additional equipment

Pyle Pro Amps, Yamaha Amps, 2X10 cabs (2), 4x12 cabs (2)Behringer. Peavey Bass amp, Portable 12x16 stage. PA system (small venues)

Additional notes

I have been in music from age 10, Guitar is my main Instrument, but, I play Keys and Bass well, I have one CD out (Man Of The Hour)Odabedabop Records on my website

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Engineer More than 100