Home Studio Registry: Gordon Perry

Future plans/projects

Personal Indie CD work.Currently writing ,arranging and getting ready for 3 solo projects and 1 outside for a friend.


01/AAA Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus w/burst-buckers 85/ Roland GR 700 guitar synth w/505 strat controller 09/ sunburst strat w/Tex-Mex pu's 60/Regency "mongrel" guitar 60/Harmony arch top 74/ D33 Dobro Resonator guitar 70's/ Martin Sigma 12 string w/rosewood back and sides / spruce top 94/ Martin DM mahogany acoustic 02/Washburn CE 10 electric classical guitar Excel limited edition pedal steel guitar Old elctric fiddle outfitted by luthier Randy Wood w/barcus berry electronics.


Studiologic SL-880 controller Radio Shack MD-1210

Sound modules

Roland DR-5




Lexicon, ART, Roland



Tape decks

Sony 1/2 track

Hard disk recorders

Zoom MD16


Power-Crown Monitors-JBL Phones- Yamaha

Additional equipment

1964 Fender blackface Vibroverb.(Don't even ask) 1986 Marshall JCM 800 Lead (50 watt).Same story. 1969 Vox Super Beatle.(Ditto) 1977 Fender Super Twin Crate T-60 Various speaker cabs, JBL, Eminence,SRO,Celestion,Jensen,CTS Laundry list of effect pedals too numerous too name.

Additional notes

Very simple small studio mainly for personal use.Limited 16 track capability but gets the ideas down and mixes well.

Previously operated a commercial studio in 80's using

16 track analog open reel.Lots of razor blades involved in that one.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Practice and Rehearsal
Recording level MIDI level
Above average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone More than 100