Home Studio Registry: Giancarlo Tassara

Future plans/projects

Continue to make the studio better, buy better Mic's, mic-preamps, upgrade to Nuendo, upgrade the P4 DAW. Get into post-pro for video and possibly buy a Protools LE system


Access Virus Indigo 2

Sound modules

Korg A-1




Alesis nanocomp Lexicon mpx 500


AT4047 Rodes NT1A Shure sm57 Samson 7Q drum kit


Behringer Truth B2031, KRK RoKit 5" JBL sub woofer.


MOBO:ep45ds3r Intel quadcore Q9550, 4g RAM 3x500gb HD Laptop Asus Z96js Centrino dual core T2600 2.16, 2gb ram, 100gb HD. 1x 120GB external HD, 1x 320 external HD

Music software

Steinberg Cubase SX3 Protools M powered 7.4

Additional equipment

Mackie Big Knob monitor controller, RME digiface, Steinberg Midiex 8, RME Fireface 400, M-audio 410 DI'S re-amp boxes, etc

Additional notes

We have the possibility of renting lots of additional equipment, guitar head y cabinets, pedals, fx, different guitars, basses, synths, drums, etc.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Composition
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Producer 21-40