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Future plans/projects

The Fossil Records studio's primary purpose was to compose and record music for the Franklin-Neumann Project progressive rock group. Since March of 2000, Fossil has taken on a number of talented instrumental and progressive rock and metal artists for the purposes of manufacture, promotion, and distribution.


Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez JS-100, Ibanez EX custom, Westone Dimension IV, Epiphone Scroll, four 6-string acoustics, a Schecter 7-string, one 12-string acoustic, and a Jackson PS-5 bass guitar.


Yamaha PSR-320 and a generic MIDI input keyboard.


Various percussion kits sampled on computer (44kHz, 16-bit recordings).


Line6 POD, Bad Horsie Wah, 2 Korg Pandoras and a Pandora II, Digitech XP-100, several guitar effects pedals


AKG C-3000 and several inexpensive piezo and condensor mics


Fostex XR-5 for analog and the computer for digital mixing.

Tape decks

Fostex XR-5 4-track analog recorder and a JVC TD-W254BK double cassette deck.


Altec sub-bass and amplifier with Magnavox speakers. Sony digital headphones.


Custom 733MHz Pentium-III with 200Gig of HD space and 512MB RAM, DA/AD sound cards, etc. Custom 366MHz Pentium-II Celeron with 15Gig of HD space and 64MB RAM, 2 hardwired sound cards, etc.

Music software


Additional equipment

Marshall mini-stack and a Fender Twin.

Additional notes

Fossil Records has two studios, one in Missouri and one in Illinois.

Primary use Secondary use
Commercial work Recording
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40