Home Studio Registry: Frederic Breitwieser

Future plans/projects

Venturing out of songwriting into engineering/production.


Guitars: Carvin "V", Casio Midi Guitar, Yamaha G10C, Les Paul, Fender Strat Bass: Fender Prophecy II, Steinberger Headless


Roland D50, D10, Yamaha PF85, Fender Chroma Polaris, Korg DW8000, Casio CZ1000, Rhodes Electrical Piano

Sound modules

Roland SC880, MDC1, S-550, MKS-100, MT32, Yamaha MU90R, FB-01, TG77, TG55 (2), Casio VZ8M, VZ10M, Akai S700 (2), Peavey Spectrum Bass, Kurzwiel PX1000, Korg EX800, Triton Rack, a slew of other stuff in the racks :)


Alesis D4, Akai Xe8, Kawai R-100 (plus percussion from midi modules/samplers above) w/two simmons pad sets merged into one kit for triggering, with several roland pads mixed in.


TC Helicon Vocal Prism, Line6 Pod Pro, Chandler Tube Overdrive, Behringer Composer Pro, Virtualizer Pro, Alesis Midiverb II, Microverb II, Quadraverb II, Art FXR Elite (2), Yamaha R100 (2), Ross DPX Mainframe (4), and some other stuff I use infrequently.


Shure (1), Neuman (1), Samson (6), Marshall (2)


Recording:Tascam TMD-4000 (1), Tascam TMD-1000 (6) Foldback: Samson MPL2242

Tape decks

Tascam 202MKII, Akai stereo deck, Studer A80-24

Hard disk recorders

Akai DR16 (2) Akai DR8 (2)


Console Room: Alesis RA-100 w/Aiwa AV-SX1000 speakers 5.1 Mixing: Carvin HT150 (3), Tannoy Reveal (4), Yamaha 10" sub, Bose center


Midi PC: PII-400 4U Rackmount, 512Mb Ram, 20 gig drive. Audio PC: PII-400 2U Rackmount, 512Mb Ram, 20 gig drive. Office Mgmt PC: PII-266 HP Vectra, 128Mb, 10 gig drive. The above connects to a 10/100MB ethernet Lan, which in turn shares three servers. 1) Project server (midi/audio) 2) accounting server 3) Office Automation server.

Music software

Cakewalk Pro9, Sonar XL, Cubase VST, Sonic Foundry, Cool Edit Pro,

Additional equipment

We have an attic's worth of gear used less often. You're welcome to bring your own gear as well!

Additional notes

Our friendly atmosphere, dedicated staff and reasonable pricing structure offers you a top quality recording experience with minimal hassles. Come see why smaller studios are better.

Primary use Secondary use
Commercial work Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Co-writer 21-40