Home Studio Registry: Frank Porter

Future plans/projects

I am putting together my best demo tape yet! It will be for myself. I have some great new tunes and some older tunes that I've not done much with that I'm reworking for this. I will be doing nearly all the work myself.(drums, guitar, vocals, bass and whatever else I decide to include.)


Jasmine 12 string, 79 gibson Les Paul Custom, 67 Les Paul Standard


Roland G-800 arranger workstation


Pearl Forum series set with Zildjian cymbals all around Yamaha RX8 Drum Machine


Alesis Quadraverb, Zoom 9030, Ibanez UE400


Shure SM58's


D'armand 6 channel powered board

Tape decks

2 4 tracks 1)Tascam414 2)Polaris MR402 mixdown decks 1)Marantz 5000 2)Sharp RT-10


The interesting part ...Self contained rigged system...explanation...I am using an old reel to reel...Ampex model 1461 and for headphones audio technica ATH-P1


Packard bell platinum supreme 1850

Additional equipment

Marshall Lead 100 mosfet amp, Peavy Pacer amp,

Additional notes

It's mine and I love it...I hope to improve it always... It does a pretty fine job in it's present state. I've been doing this for 12 years now and I don't think I'll ever stop!!!

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 61-100