Home Studio Registry: Frank Gingeleit

Future plans/projects

I'm right amidst an "update" of my formerly analog home studio to a "real" studio. It's still at my home but in the meantime I got a Pro Tools LE system, a new 16 track mixing console and a new monitoring system - so that up to six people can record at the same time. Aditionally, I enrolled at the Berklee School of Music in an online correspondence course program with the goal to achive a "Pro Tools Specialist" certificate by September 2008. After having three CDs out on a German Independent label (my solo CD "Lost In The Deep Blue" and the CDs "Critical Mass" and "Live" with my Band Instant Drone Factory) in the near future it will mostly be about to transfer some hours of pre-recorded stuff to my PT and get one or two new CDs out of this material.


Two Yamaha Pacificas - one Tele-, one Strat-type / Two Yamaha RBX bass guitars - one fretted, one fretless


Yamaha DJX (leave the DJ-gimmicks away, and you get resp. can create lots of useful sounds) / Yamaha AN1x (virtual analogous synthesizer)

Sound modules

The mentioned keyboards and most of my other sound tools are capable of MIDI, but only the audio output is used for recording so far. On the other hand, I use MIDI functions to play the guitar synth (see below)with the AN1x keys or DJX sounds with the help of a guitar ... But, getting more acquainted with my new ProTools (see above ;-)) this might change soon...


Boss DR-550mkII (drum computer) / Roland TD-5 (electronic drum kit)


DigiTech RP7 valve (guitar tube preamp and effect board) / DigiTech RB8 valve (bass guitar tube preamp and effect board) Roland GR-33 (guitar synth) Antares ATR1a (intonation processor) Behringer Virtualizer Pro (mainly reverb effects) Behringer Modulizer Pro (mainly modulation effects) Behringer Ultra Voice Pro (mic preamp, that doesn't only apply to vocals)


Audio Technica AT 3525 (condenser mic) / Two Prefer MPR-150 (dynamic mics)


Allen and Heath Mix Wizzard��_ 16:2

Tape decks


Hard disk recorders



Marantz PM 68 (amplifier) / Tannoy Reveal (nearfield speakers) / JBL Control One (nearfield speakers) B&W Vision DS2 (midfield speakers) / Grado SR 80(main headphones) / Vivanco FMH6 150 (6x wireless headphones for "silent" recording)


Intel based iMac with a dual core processor and two GB of RAM / External 500 GB HDD

Music software

ProTools LE7.3 / ProTools Ignition Pack / Waves - Master Bundle plus Stereo Imager

Additional equipment

Behringer ADA 8000 Pro (8-channel A/D and D/A converter / Two Behringer Ultra Q Pros (parametric EQs)/ Behringer Ultra Graph Pro (two channel graphic EQ) / Behringer Ultramizer Pro (loudness maximizer/dynamic processor)

Additional notes

There are still three CDs available from my "underground" period: "Nightmares and Escapades" (2002), "Megalopolis" (2003), and "Toy Island" (2003). "Lost In The Deep Blue" (originally from 2003) was re-published in 2005 by the German "Fuenfundvierzig" ("forty five") label. Also on "Fuenfundvierzig" you find the Instant Drone Factory (IDF) CDs "Critcal Mass" (2006) and "Live" (out in Germany in 2007, the international distribution will follow a little later in 2008). Latest news: IDF "Live" out on the Japanese Indie label Captain Trip Records as CTCD 622 since March 25, 2008! --- Last update: April 7, 2008

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Practice and Rehearsal
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other 61-100