Home Studio Registry: Eric Reid

Future plans/projects

To Innovate. To create new forms of music. We are building a homegrown music studio.


An old acoustic guitar and sometimes an electric


And Old Grand Piano in back.

Sound modules

Most midi is all done through my computer.


I mainly use Abelton Live to make all the drum loops. Although we use a variety inhouse bongos, drums, sticks, whatever we can sample in. We don't like to sample anything from anyone.


Computer based effects, outboard gear, experimental setups.


Sony FV-610 (getting new mic soon)


Tascam analog 8 track mixed with Compter mixing console. Eventually a good one.

Tape decks

Just old tape recorders, hopin to get tons more.


Old school Sherwood Amplifier with Yamaha Studio Monitors (NS-10's)


Athlon64 with 2 gigs Patriot Ram, 80 and 40 gig drive. Sound Blast Auidgy card. Stilling running IDE and the thing just flys. No problem with CPU burst on any software.

Music software

Ableton Live, Audacity, Acid, Sonar, Project5. (I don't have a Protools setup yet, I'm working on that!).

Additional equipment

Anything we can Bang on, Clank on, Hook on, Shred on, Hand Drums, Handmade Percussion instruments, experimental instruments, old gear, new gear, old strings, fishing strings, you get the point.

Additional notes

I work with some of the best sound engineers/producers in Santa Barbara; Rob Salzer who has worked with many many many bands including Jack Johnson, ALO, Tea Leaf Green and many other great bands. I also worked with another great engineer Cody of Cornerstone. Young guy and amazing quality productiions at age 24. I've mainly been helping out, but now I'm putting together my own studio in the mountains. Anyone interested in helping just email me.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other Less than 5