Home Studio Registry: Edward Dyk

Future plans/projects

I am currently working with selected clients on a wide variety of recording projects while at the same time working with my band, 29Ten, writing and recording new music for a new release.


The studio features an array of guitars built by Gibson, Fender, Stienberger, Kramer, and a custom by Daniel Harrington. Every guitar has been highly customized for playability and tone.


Roland Juno 106 and various controllers

Sound modules

Proteus EMU FX, Roland TD-8, Akai sampler, and various software based samplers and soundfont based products.


Customized Pintech Electronics Drum Set (CS-1 set with cymbal devices) and Roland TD-8. Studio technicians have built Roland V-Drum style triggers from acoustic drums with great success in playability and feel for drummers.


Modified Alesis 3630 Compressor, modified dbx 118 compressor, Shure M267 used as a limiter, Carvin 15 band Stereo EQ, dbx expanders and compressors, dbx 20/20 EQ, and various software plugins.


Vintage Shure Mics (model unknown) for guitars, SM58 for vocals various Radio Shack mics various vintage 'unknowns' used where-ever necessary, SM57s for guitar work



Tape decks

TASCAM TSR-8, Otari MX5050 2-track

Hard disk recorders

Shoreham Sound uses a customized PC based recording system based on Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro (Adobe Audition) and Cakewalk Sonar.


Tannoy PBM 6.5 monitors fed by a custom 100w per channel solid state power amp built by Edward Dyk. The studio uses AKG monitor headphones.


A custom Pentium class audio recording computer with transformer matched dual audio interface cards for 4 discrete channels of audio I/O to match the busses on the recording console.

Music software

Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro (Adobe Audition), Cakewalk Sonar, T-Racks mastering software, and various free plugins and soundfont based tools.

Additional equipment

Custom handbuilt guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, various gadgets built by hand to accomidate the studio. The studio and its contents are very much modified to meet the needs of our musicians and engineers. For all practical purposes, everything in the studio has been modified to meet specific needs.

Additional notes

Our studio and its equipment was designed and built to meet the needs of artists who favor affordable quality and analog tone above all else. Contact us today to find out what services we can provide for your next project.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other 61-100