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Why use Ed Littman Mastering? With an extensive knowledge of producing, performing, composing and teaching, Ed Littman has the ears, the gear, and the commitment to satisfy even the most critical clients. Of course he�۪s a critical client too! Mastering engineer and Guitarist/Composer Ed Littman has been involved with making and processing music for more than 25 years. As a Guitarist and Composer he has released several albums under his name that have received critical acclaim, and has done hundreds of performances throughout the New York area. As a Mastering engineer Ed has been recognized by some of the music industries most talented people as someone who brings a total commitment and artistry, along with an impeccable sense of detail to assembling and mastering an album.


Kay Old craftsman red double cutaway electric guitar w/bigsby Kay sunburst single cutaway electric guitar Custom tele electric guitar Cutom strat guitar Dobro steal guitar Lowden o32c acoustic guitar Gibson melodey makerw/humbuckers Harmony bass guitar


1969 Gretsch 5-piece drum kit plus an assortment of latin percussion


EQ: Crane Song IBIS Mastering Stereo Discrete Class A EQ Algorithmix Linear Phase red and orange EQ Waves Linear Phase EQ Waves Renaissance EQ Dynamics: Crane Song STC-8 Compressor/Limiter Chandler LTD-2 Mastering compressors(Sterling Mod) Waves Renaissance Compressor Waves C1 Compressor Waves C4 Multi band Compressor Waves L2 96k Digital Limiter Misc. Maselec Mds-2 De-esser Dangerous Sum and Minus Dorrough loudness meters Sennhieser HD600 and 650 headphones Very Cozy Couch Cool 70�۪s lamp


2 Scheopps 221b tube Neumann u67 tube Audio Technica 4033 Shure sm81 3 Shure sm57 Shure sm58 2 AKG D112


Gorden Clark custom discreet mastering console (As used by Electric Ladyland, Mercury Records and The Record Plant) Ramsa WR-T820 mixing board 4- Neve 33421 mic preamps 2-Telefunken v72 mic preamps

Tape decks

Transport: MCI JH110C Master 2 track-Takes 14�۝ reels! 7.5/15/30 IPS with 1/4 and 1/2" Head Blocks Teac A-3300sx 7.5/15 IPS Sony TC-225 1.7/8, 3.3/4, 7.1/2 IPS Plextor Plexwriter Premium CD-Rom Drive Plextor PX 504 A DVD/CD-Rom Drive With Plextools (Error checking software that confirms A Quality Master Every Time.) Tascam DA-45hr 16/24 bit DAT Machine Sony CDP-11 CD player Sony Minidisc MZ-N707 Nakamichi BX-100 Cassette Deck Technics M-22 Stereo Cassette Deck J.A. Michell Orbe Turntable

Hard disk recorders

Apogee PSX 100 AD/DA converter with UV22, Alesis Masterlink


Monitoring: Dunlavy SCIIIA Reference Standard Loudspeaker Coleman M3ph 28 Position Stepped Attenuater Power: Bryston 14B (600w per side) Ear 834P Tube Phono Stage Furman IT-1220 Balanced Power Transformer Furman Ar-1220 line voltage regulator


Analog to Digital converters: Lavry AD 122-96 MK111 (Gold) Cranesong Hedd 192 Digital to analog converters: 2- Mytek Stereo 96 DAC Routing Crookwood Custom Analog router Z-Systems Detangler Digital Patchbay Computer/Editing/Restoration: Two Very Stable Custom Computers with Windows XP Wavelab 6.10 DVD-A Samplitude 8.3 Protools 7.0 Algorithmix-Noise Free and Scratch Free Sony Vegas Sony DVD architect Sound Cards RME HDSP AES-32 RME HDSP 9636

Additional equipment

EQ�۪s - Pultec- EQP1a, EQH2, EQP1A2, API 550a, Lang PEQ2A,Manley Massive Passive, Telefunken w395, Orban 622B Limiters/compressors - Manley Vari-Mu, FMR Audio RNC1773RCA- BA6, Emperical Labs Distressor, R&S U23, Telatronix - LA2-A; URIE 1176 black face

Additional notes

Why you should choose Yeahman Records to MASTER your next album or demo:

Mastering engineers and recording artists Ed Littman and Joel Katz have 50 years of combined experience.

With an extensive and deep knowlege of producing, performing, composing, teaching, recording, mixing, and restoring analog and tube equipment, we have the ears, the gear, and the commitment to satisfy even the most critical clients. Of course we're critical clients too!

It's common to think that once you have mixed your stereo pre-master, the job is FINALLY DONE. WRONG! That's not quite the end. If you're recording an album or demo then the tracks have to be sequenced in the right order, with the right spaces between them, with appropriate fade-ins and outs and at the correct output levels.

One of the problems with pre-masters is that most require further work on the tonal balance. To get it phat and punchy, clear and dimensional, yet keeping a natural balance between instruments you need a variety of top quality equalizers, compressors/limiters and a monitoring system that you know to be accurate.

After you supply us with detailed instructions (as to which mixes to use, order of songs, and song spacing), we listen to your project to see how much needs to be done. At this point either Ed or Joel or both will use his talents to complete your project. (always keep safety backups of mixed pre-masters).

At the end of this process you will receive a reference CD. Take this back home, so that the music can be played in a familiar surrounding. Within 3 days from receipt of the reference CD, you should decide if any changes need to be made. Finally, we will make any adjustments you need to achieve your goal, and supply you with the final master and a safety backup ready for manufacturing .

We guarantee that all our masters will be slammin'.

We can also make CD copies for you at a reasonable cost, just in case you need a couple copies right away.

Fees are very competetive and on a per song basis so you will know the final price from the start.

Call today to set up your session and FREE sample CD (212)-479-8426

Primary use Secondary use
Other Other
Recording level MIDI level
High None
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone More than 100