Home Studio Registry: Ed Kelley

Future plans/projects

I am recording an acoustic fingerstyle guitar based CD I will also be adding mandolin, some keyboards, and a variety of wind instruments, all of which I am playing


Taylor W14c, Washburn D64SW, Ovation mandolin, Flatiron Mandolin


Yamaha DX-11, Casio WK1200

Sound modules

Kurzweil MicroPiano


Digital software effects, DOD Acoustic1


AKG C1000, AKG C3000, AKG C4000b


Mackie 1202 VLZ


Event 20/20p, Koss Pro/4AA, Audio-technica ATH-M40fs


Home built, 866Mhz Pentium III, ABIT Motherboard, 15Gb and 40Gb Maxtor Hard Drives, 512Mb RAM, SCSI CD-ROM and CD-R, 17" Optiquest Monitor

Music software

Cubase VST, Wavelab, Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction, Cool Edit Pro SE

Additional notes

I welcome any comments on recording acoustic guitar, including mics, EQ, compression, etc., I'm recording directly to hard drive and it's great!

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 21-40