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Future plans/projects

I'm looking to complete my home studio soon. I've got the basic shell buitls out of 2x6s. I built it to stand alone without touching anything but the floor. I still need the glass windows and interior finished out. Any suggestions in insulation? Glass type or any other things i may be overlooking?


Martin Acoustic Guitar GTRE-16, Gibson Les Paul Studio Model, Fender Strat e/w Roland GK2 with a GR1 Synth. Also, Fender Bass, Alvarez 6 and 12 strings, A couple of Ibanez basses and electric guitars.Peavey electric and acoustic guitars, Yamaha Bass... More... :)


Ensoniq SQ-1 and ESQ-1

Sound modules

A few


Alesis D5 with a set of Pearl digitals, Analog set of drums including Ludwig and Sabian


Too damn many.... Boss GT3,Digitech, Boss 200 and 80, Rocktron hush


Sure, Green Bullet, Audio Technica,


Roland Digital, Mackie CFX20, @ tascams, Peavey Cakewalk unit

Tape decks


Hard disk recorders

MOTU 2408 , Layla 20 bit


JBL, Crown CE 1000, Sony Headphones


Fast and BIG

Music software

Sonar + tons more...

Additional equipment

Too damn much.... Just kidding... I WANT MORE.

Additional notes

Guitar amps, Traynor 8-10s and an older brain... I've had it for 30 yearsand got it used... WORKES GREAT! Fender Acoustic 40,

Peavey,Crate and others....

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