Home Studio Registry: Doug Peifer

Future plans/projects

Working on putting another band together presently and am also working on original material for the purpose of a demo cd


Ibanez custom rq series and stock ibanez rg series guitars. ibanez pro series bass with active pickups


Korg kontrol 49 and korg ms20

Sound modules

Reason 3.0 and sonar 5.0 for daws- cakewalk rapture/dimension pro/z3ta vitual synths. also use ni absynth 4 and other ni stuff. korg legacy cell and korg digital (m1, wavestation) edition.several other demoversions by various other


Boss dr880 programmable drum and bass module


Native istruments guitar rig 3,digitech gnx 3.several plugins-korg mdex, cakewalk effects suite,isotope spectron and trash.lexicon mx-300 reverb.tc helicon voiceworks


Shure mics.akg mics


Yamaha emx 5000 20 channel

Hard disk recorders

Fostex mr8hd digital multitrack-40 gig internal hard drive


Pair of peavy 215s, yamaha club series 115s,behringer 18 subwoofer. berhinger 1500 watt amp in series to 215s and 500 watts to 115s and sub


Compaq presario with m audio 2496 soundcard/200 ghz hard drive- xp platform. dell inspiron laptop-xp platform- for live performances

Music software

Reason 3.0, sonar 5.0 producer edition, magix multimedia korg legacy cell digital collection,cakewalk rapture and dimension pro,native instruments massive,fm8,absynth 4, ik multimediasampletank 2.5 and sonik synth, t racks mastering suite,toon track ez drummer,pro drum works I and II

Additional equipment

Peavy 6505 120 watt tube amp with 2 6505 412 cabs gk 600 watt head and gk 410 cabinet and harbinger 1x18 cab

Additional notes

Like to rock period... doesn't matter if it's jamming with other musicians or home composing original material

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40