Home Studio Registry: Doug Loebell

Future plans/projects

Whatever may come...


Gibson Les Paul Standard; Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop; Gibson Les Paul Studio; Martin JC-16RE Aura Cutaway Acoustic; Fender Stratocaster(3) maple and rosewood fingerboards; Fender Stratocaster Antigua maple fingerboard; Ovation Custom Legend 6 and 12 String acoustics; Fender Telecaster; Dillion Brian May Red Special w/Burns Trisonic Pickups; Fender P-Bass; Carvin DC135 w/Floyd Rose; Washburn Custom Acoustic; Gibson Korina Explorer; Charvel/Jackson Bass; Fender Jazz Bass; Fender Mandolin


M-Audio Pro Keystation 88; Roland JX-8P; Ensoniq ESQ1

Sound modules

Korg M1R; Kurzweil Micropiano; Roland U-220; Alesis Nanosynth


Roland TD-3SW V-Drums Set; Simmons SDS8 w/Alesis D4 Brain and Sabian Cymbals; Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine; Yamaha RX-21; Alesis Control Pad


Yamaha SPX90; Yamaha SPX50D(2); Digitech DSP256; Alesis Midiverb IV, Microverb III; Midiverb II; Nanoverb; Rocktron; Alesis Compressors; ADA Digital Delay; Rocktron Hush IIB,IIC; Alesis Micro Enhancer; ART Mic Preamps; TC Electronics Finalizer Express; Samson C-Valve Mic/Instrument Pre-amp: t.c. electronic Finalizer Express; Antares ATR-1 Auto-Tune Intonation Processor


Shure SM58,SM57; Audio Technica AT 3044's; Blue Spark


Tascam M-3500 32x8x64 Inline Mixing Console w/ full meter bridge (64 tracks at mixdown); Frontier Designs Alpha Track Controller

Tape decks

Phillips CD Burner/Duplicator

Hard disk recorders



Mackie HR824 Powered Monitors; Samson Quad Headphone amp w/Sony 7506 Pro and AKG K240 Headphones


Custom system w/ AMD 64x4 Quad-Core Processor; 4 Gig dDram RAM; 1 Terabyte Storage drive w/ 500Gig System drive interfaced w/ Custom Computer 2.16 Gig Processor; 1 Gig dDram computer for plug ins; MPU-401 Interface

Music software

Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer Edition; NI Pro53; NI FM7; NI Bosendorfer 290; IK Multimedia Sonic Synth II; ZeroG Nostalgia; Arturia Jupiter 8V; Antares Harmony Machine; NI Battery 3, NI New York Concert Grand, NI Upright Piano, NI Berlin Concert Grand, NI Vienna Concert Grand, Arturia String Machine, Amplitube 3 Duo, BFD 2, Garritan JABB 3, Gen 16 Zildjian Cymbal vault, Kontakt 4, Guitar Rig 4, focusrite Saffire Red, Toontracks EZ Keys, Toontracks EZ Drummer

Additional equipment

Rockman X100 w/Rockmount;Johnson J-Station;SansAmp GT2;Zoom 505 Processor; M-Audio Delta Series A/D:D/A converters for a total of 24 A/D:D/A Tracks; Assorted Footpedals; Vox Brian May Signature amp; Fender Champ 110 Amp; Peavey ED 100 Amp w/ 15" Black Widow speaker; M-Audio Black Box guitar processor w/Foot Controller; Digitech Brian May Signature Pedal

Additional notes

I usually work alone, but I am open to working with others.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 61-100